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Our Team

The single biggest asset we have today is Team Zinda-the people who execute & bring to life Zinda's innovative
product range. And, they deliver this with passion, precision, dedication & esprit de corps.

From operations, marketing, supply chain, NPD, BRC, QMS, HACCP, we have every acronym and technical due diligence covered

Team Zinda regards our consumers at the core of our business & we thrive on creating & delivering quality FTG products that meet your demands & tick all those health credentials with absolutely no compromise on flavour.

Anishya Kumar (Founder & MD)

'Change is the only constant thing in life'. I quit corporate life, moved away from what was familiar, to pursue my dream of starting a food business. It was a bold move, but with quiet determination and steadfastness I remain committed to creating a valuable difference in the chilled food-to-go sector. I describe myself as a mum, a home-maker and a business woman with an intense love for nutritious food and an unwavering focus on creating distinctly different products that are healthy, convenient, approachable & yet unique.

Zinda was borne out of a desire to break the glass ceiling that was set for the food-to-go category which has plateaued for decades. Here at Zinda, we drive and create our own benchmarks for the products we innovate & are not defined by the FTG industry's "tried & tested" or "me too" food trap. We question, break traditions and set new boundaries for the chilled food category.

After all, ideas- they change the world (….and what we eat)!


ALFRED PRASAD holds the honour of being the youngest Indian chef to receive a Michelin star holding it now for 13 years & counting, along with several other accolades. His culinary philosophy of "heritage, health & happiness" is aligned with Zinda's ethos and spearheading our NPD, Alfred puts his 21st century spin on age-old recipes, delicately balancing creativity & authenticity. He has re-invented our Indian classics such as the Makhni and Akuri presenting them in a healthier, wholesome and delicious Airwrap avatar.


There's science behind the way we've cooked for generations. And its never been more apparent than when my husband & I relocated to the UK from India 12 years ago. I found myself caught up in "nutrition transition". Back then in India, we had little access to processed foods, packaged foods, short shelf life, long shelf life, ready to cook sauces, etc. Its was all pretty much functional. You buy & cook fresh produce, with well thought out ingredient combinations, and the meal was meant to be wholesome, balanced and nutritious. And most of all it was really tasty! This meal never left us craving for snacks or eating between meals, which is a phenomenon unheard of today.

I was overwhelmed when I first entered a UK supermarket 12 years ago. And the regular supermarket shop was an ordeal which left me confused and frazzled being surrounded by an endless array of sweet & salty industrial concoctions far cheaper than produce in the fresh aisles. Suddenly my shopping & eating habits changed to a question of psychology, driven by the power of branding & marketing rather than taste & nutrition.

Eat this-don't eat that, obsessing with ingredients, skinny products, guilt-free snacks, paleo, low carb etc. Healthy & nutritious took on a whole new meaning (ambiguous to say the least) and like the vast majority I was left in a perpetual state of anxiety about what calories I've consumed- would it be feast or famine, binge or purge, yo-yo diets eliminating food groups seemed the fad & trend to follow & I soon developed an unhealthy relationship with food.

When my daughter Miel was born, I realised that as a parent I was going to hand-over this same dysfunctional eating psychology to her. Her taste will then be defined by food companies that push foods high in sugar, fat & salt despite their illusion of infinite choice and often disguised as being healthy!

She would be stuck in the self-perpetuating cycle with no reprieve. The approach was wrong, so as a parent, I had to relearn how to eat & cook and help my child build a healthier relationship with food.

And so the journey of creating products that would give us all nourishment with optimal energy balance, keeping us fuller for longer, started as a mission for Zinda Foods.

- Anishya Kumar